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Bleaching reduces the melanin concentration in your skin which helps in lighting the skin tone, getting rid of patchy skin by making the skin tone even and also lightening the hair colour. So if you’re craving for the perfect skin tone? Look no more, you’re at the right place! We’ll have your skin perfectly bleached without having you compromise on its texture or moisture content.


Rs. 79/-

Under Lip

Duration : 15 Minutes

Upper lip bleaching.

Rs. 149/-


Duration : 15 Minutes

Underarms bleaching.

Rs. 199/-


Duration : 15 Minutes

Bleaching of the feet from ankle to toes.

Rs. 349/-

Face & Neck

Duration : 30 Minutes

Bleaching of the face and neck while ensuring the skin’s moisture is not lost.

Rs. 399/-

Full Arms

Duration : 30 Minutes

Bleaching of full arms shoulders to finger tips.

Rs. 499/-

Face, Neck & Blouse Line

Duration : 30 Minutes

Bleaching of face, neck and upto 4inches of the blouse line front or back.

Rs. 499/-

Full Legs

Duration : 30 Minutes

Bleaching of full legs from thighs to toes.

Rs. 499/-

Full Back

Duration : 30 Minutes

Bleaching of full back from neck to lower back.

Rs. 1999/-

Full Body

Duration : 1 Hour

Full body bleaching. Does not include face.

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