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Christine Valmy products are a combination of  European aesthetic techniques, ancient medicinal herbs, oriental treatments and chemistry. The products offer long-term solutions to skin problems and are always on the cutting edge of the beauty industry.


Rs. 899/-

Clean Up (Radiance)

Duration : 30 Minutes

Helps in deep cleansing, skin lightening, removing blackheads and white  heads & also getting rid of dead skin cells. The result? Supple and moist skin.

Rs. 1399/-

Basic Facial (Radiance)

Duration : 45 Minutes

The Christine Valmy Radiance facial helps in nourishing, brightening, hydrating & softening your skin making it look young and vibrant!

Rs. 1499/-

Advance (Acne)

Duration : 45 Minutes

Dealing with acne or acne prone skin? We massage using high frequency which helps in killing the bacteria causing acne, dries the pus and reduces the acne. It helps in increasing the blood circulation, helps to control sebum & cleanses the skin from within.

Rs. 1999/-

Advance Facial (Radiance)

Duration : 45 Minutes

One of the facials for Brides and Grooms, it helps get rid of tan and also repairs dull and dehydrate skin. It helps in deep cleansing the skin by removing deeper layers of dead skin cells thus brightening the skin tone.

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